luni, 26 iunie 2017

Buna seara,
La sfarsitul saptamanii am avut musafiri si am facut doua prajituri cu fructe. Le-am facut o gramada de poze in bucatarie, dar n-am mai avut timp si atunci cand le-am servit.
Dupa spusele fost bune si gustoase. Trebuie sa cred, pentru ca s-au terminat foarte repede!

Cateva bucati... pentru cine era in bucatarie...fara nici o prezentare speciala!

O seara frumoasa si racoroasa! 
(La noi a plouat si s-a mai temperat caldura)

2 comentarii:

  1. Could anything be more tempting? It looks sooo delicious!!! Hope you have help to eat that!! Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. Dear Mary,
      They were delicious and natural but we can not afford to eat (even if they do not have cream) because of ... extra pounds !!!
      Still, we make sweets in the house sometimes.
      The market would be more advantageous only for quantity (buy a portion), but honestly to be ... all have the same taste. And all kinds of chemistry innovations.
      Hot hugs, Mia